Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New name

Well, I decided that there's really only one thing I'm likely to do with a blog, and that's to list my rants and links where people who actually want to see them can, as opposed to every random person I meet on the street. Actually, is anyone here? Does anyone know I exist? Aw, why do I care. Maybe someone will read the archives someday, maybe I'll just end up using this as a journal so I don't forget my rants or whatever.

Anyway, I'm changing the name to "I Saw This Thing Online" because that's what many of my rants start with when I give them in person.

I should probably actually post a link while I'm at it. Well, if you've read the archives you know I'm into ZZT, and there's a wiki for it and everything, so here you go:

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